01. Why is the bold new breed business critical?

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“Thank you for giving me an identity.”

The Bold New Breed of employee is driven by the gig mindset. The gig mindset is a way of thinking and behaving like freelancers and independent gig workers. Except, the gig mindsetters are employees inside organizations.

They are a NEW Breed because they work differently from traditional workers.

They are a BOLD new breed, because they come up against management resistance.

When I talked about gig mindsetters in conference keynotes, I had these reactions from people in the audience:

“You’re the first person to understand me.”

“Now I know why I have the problems I have at work.”

“Thank you for giving me an identity.”

Why these reactions?

Gig mindsetters make management nervous, and feel threatened. They trigger strong reactions including getting sidelined or reprimanded. Three underlying issues:

  • Gigmindsetters are here to stay. They make up a bottom-up movement emerging slowly in organizations around the world.
  • They network intensively, cross boundaries and constantly scan the horizon. They detect early signs of change, take initiatives, operate with high autonomy and work to solve problems when they see them.
  • But management behaviors have been stuck in a control and command mindset over several years.


First published April 13th, 2021


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