My research work is guided by years of firsthand experience with clients.
And my work with clients is inspired by discoveries in my research.


An overview: Research over 14 years: from organization to individual


_____Ten years of global research and annual reports

I conducted 10 years of global research about the Organization in the Digital Age. It touched on technologies, but focused on roles and behaviors of people in organizations. Detailed annual reports offered guidance to people on their digital journeys.

_____Foundational Framework

During this research, I developed a Foundational Framework to help people self-assess their roles, their context and their organization.

_____Discovery of the Gig Mindset – Bold New Breed

The research led me to a new 4-year phase of exploring a new mindset inside organizations. I called it the “gig mindset” and described it as a “bold new breed”, which it truly was. It took courage to be a gig mindsetter, and it still does today!

Discover research perspectives in these articles.


Client list: public, private and international organizations Advisor and Facilitator


_____Over 50 organizations, private and public, over two decades

I have worked as an advisor and facilitator for organizations around the world. Private and public. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to these organizations who have been instrumental in helping me learn.

“Jane is doing very solid and interesting work in an arena that needs constant attention. I’ve always believed that technology is the easy part. Organizations are what need reinvention and Jane is well in the forefront of leading this scientific revolution.”

From Jessica Lipnack, pioneer in networks and virtual organizations, co-author with Jeffrey Stamps of Networking (Doubleday), Virtual Teams (Wiley) and other works. 

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