03. Willful blindness: what and why?


Listen to this episode to understand willful blindness. (10:58)

Ignore, resist or embrace?

When people come across something new, they ignore it, resist it, or embrace it. How do we get to the 3rd stage?

The gig mindset is often resisted by management, but not only. In order to combat it, we need to start with first understanding what’s going on.

Living in the past and living in fear are two underlying reasons.

People are blinded by:

  • Pride in past success.

  • Faith in best practices and benchmarking.

  • Fear of losing power.

  • Fear of speed.

  • A false sense of safety in silos.

  • Filter bubbles.

Positive deviance: a totally different perception

Gig mindset behaviors threaten the past and show little fear.

Although they are often perceived as deviant, they are in reality positive deviance.


First published April 15, 2021


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