04. How does Velcro management build flexibility and readiness?

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Wondering what tennis shoes have to do with management? This is really about a new way of working with people. (11:00)



It’s about Velcro management, a new idea for most of us including myself until I met Marni Johnson from BlueShore Financial.

She talks about what it is, what it brought to their organization, and how to make it work for you – if you like the idea.

Chris Catliff, president and CEO of BlueShore Financial, says that leaders need to “forget the individual’s job description and provide them with opportunities to create and contribute to things they excel at and are motivated by.”

This has certainly happened at BlueShore and Marni offers details and examples of how it works for them.

Key points:

  • How BlueShore Financial uses Velcro management in living their unique, powerful work values.

  • How Velcro management is aligned with gig mindset work cultures.

  • How BlueShore was able to react fast and effectively during the Covid crisis.

  • If Velcro management would work for you and your organization.

See Marni on LinkedIn.

More information about BlueShore Financial and Velcro Management.

BlueShore Financial: https://www.blueshorefinancial.com/

BlueShore Financial offers a full range of banking, wealth management, and insurance solutions  and has  been in business for 80 years. They have 370 employees.

They are consistently ranked among the top 20 financial planning firms in Metro Vancouver and on the Kincentric best employers in Canada list for 10 years in a row.

Joseph L. Bower, creator of the Velcro management concept wrote about it in this article from 2003: “Building the Velcro Organization: Creating Value through Integration and Maintaining Organization-wide Efficiency.” https://iveybusinessjournal.com/publication/building-the-velcro-organization-creating-value-through-integration-and-maintaining-organization-wide-efficiency/

First published April 16, 2021


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