24. Top reads in 2022

Inside Outsider after one year. Which topics interested you the most? The least? Find out which ones you missed. Suggest new topics for 2023.

You can find all the 2022 here on my website with clickable links to the individual issues. You can also see all the issues on LinkedIn where you can comment and add your thoughts. Some issues triggered very good discussions that you can jump into.

Here’s how I introduced my Inside Outsider newsletter in the first issue a year ago:

“Inside outsiders combine the clarity and objectivity of being outside an organization with in-depth knowledge because they are inside. This unusual combination–rare in most organizations–is essential today, in people in general and especially in leaders.”

“Inside outsiders build resilience. This will likely determine the survivability of your organization. Things are moving so fast that if we don’t change, we are in effect standing still. The question then is, how do we change? What do we do differently? It is key to look outside the organization for clues about new directions. There is no single right answer. Each organization, each individual needs to search, discover and explore.”

I have highlighted the issues that were read the most, in chronological order. The links here go straight to the LinkedIn version.

I tried to find some over-riding sub-themes in the most-read issues, but could not! They each address, individually, points I feel are essential for us today.

I do however have some comments on the least-read issue, as you’ll see at the bottom of the list.

First the top four, indicated with two stars in the illustration above:

2. How did lockdown change your behaviors?

9. Communicators have a battle to fight against lack of trust.

10. Influence change from the inside.

13. Critical thinking and why it is missing today.

And here are others that were often read:

6. If you are a reverse leader, take precautions.

11. Forget future-proofing. Instead, talk about future-planning.

12. What’s not working and why we don’t care.

16. Overcoming fear is a long game.

18. Science fiction helps us make decisions.

21. Creative resignation – leaving the old, building the new.

I was surprised and disappointed to discover that the least read issue was number 20 about employee ownership of organizations. I believe this is the future and that we all need to imagine what it could mean in our own organizations.

Employee ownership is rare, and in very early days. Yet, this is the future.

This issue combines my experience at a communication and digital conference in Poland in 2011 and my write-up of an online workshop at the Global Peter Drucker Forum Blog in 2022. Same question a decade apart.

My personal favorites in 2022 are Issues 11 and 18. Future planning rather than future proofing, which is of course impossible! And how science fiction helps us think about the future and how we make decisions.

I’m looking forward to sharing more thoughts with you in 2023, and wish you a restful and inspirational break between the old and the new years. And onwards we go into 2023!

What are your takeaways? What have you experienced that you can share with us?

Please share in the comments below, or directly with me via Twitter @netjmc or Mastodon @netjmc@mastodon.social or my website.

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