About Jane McConnell – in one page


My background

American-French dual citizenship. In France over 50 years. Now in a village in the Southwest of France.


Video series/podcast https://imaginize.world/

About people and society, AI and humans, the earth and survival. I talk with forward thinkers, scifi visionaries and pioneering organizations.   Interviews with Chen Quifan, Sugata Mitra, Florence Devouard, Robin Vincent-Smith (MSF), Art Kleiner (AI Dilemma) and others.

2043 Future – research with 200 people around the world

Asking about their views of our lives in 20 years. Lots of detailed responses.  https://imaginize.world/research-2043/


Advisor: 20 years of front line advising

Facilitating how to define and implement internal digital strategies in global organizations: https://netjmc.com/advisor-facilitator/

Creations & writing: https://netjmc.com/author-creator/

  • Publications in journals: HBR, MIT Sloan Management Review, Peter Drucker Forum
  • Book: The Gig Mindset Advantage ‑ A Bold New Breed
  • Podcast and F2F and online talks: India, UK, Berlin, London

14 years of research on 21st century workplace


  • 2006 through 2016: Ten yearly surveys and reports based on 300 to 400 people around the world: The Organization in the Digital Age
  • 2018 and 2021: The Gig Mindset Inside Organizations pre and post pandemic


The Long Now foundation and the Mars Society


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