About the Research Participants

A solid reference core of organizations

Approximately 300 organizations participate each year. They are located around the world, operate in a wide range of sectors, and include some of the world’s largest companies along with small organizations, NGOs and other non-corporate organization such as government agencies.The figures below represent averages over the past 5-6 years.

Market positioning (data from 2015 report)

Age and digital maturity (data from 2015 report)

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Sectors of activity

  • Banking, investment
  • Chemicals
  • Construction, engineering
  • Consumer products & retail
  • Education
  • Energy, resources, utilities, metals, mining
  • Environment
  • Food & agriculture, food & beverage processing
  • Freight, shipping, logistics, transport
  • Government, public, social and community services
  • Healthcare
  • Humanitarian, charity, disaster relief, philanthropy
  • Industrial electronics & electrical equipment
  • Insurance
  • International or world organizations (e.g. UN, regulatory)
  • Manufacturing, aerospace, defense, automotive
  • Pharmaceuticals & life sciences
  • Professional, business, legal services

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