Interviews & Cases

Interviews and case studies in the 2017 report bring real-life dimensions to data and analysis.


Interviews conducted by Jane McConnell between July and September 2016. See the list and the related articles in the sidebar.


  • Alice Obrecht, author and specialist, on effective innovation in humanitarian contexts.
  • Anne Rogers, practitioner, on why organizations need information specialists more than ever before.
  • Fillip Callewaert, knowledge management professional, on lean knowledge culture.
  • Haydn Shaughnessy, author and authority on platforms and ecosystems.


  • Air Liquide: Making people the focus of transformation and building a digital workplace to be a framework for the future.
  • ALE: Enabling outcome selling and deepening relations with clients while transforming the internal culture and mindset.
  • Australian DTO: Sharing successes and learning from errors while building credibility through delivery.
  • Danish Demining Group: Innovating through an agile approach adapted for the complex environment of a live conflict zone.
  • The Guardian: Building deep, meaningful relationships with readers while innovating journalism and engaging in a broad ecosystem.
  • Merck: Relating a new digital workplace, corporate brand and HR competency model to cultural change from the inside out.
  • Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society: Codifying knowledge as policy and process to ensure portability and application in different contexts.
  • Société Générale: Building a mobile workplace and workforce in a global financial company operating in a highly regulated environment.
  • Workplace design: Kimball Office and OFS Brands sharing their vision of evolution from a knowledge economy to a creative one, unlocking human and machine potential through design.

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