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I have several ways of sharing my thoughts with others. I hope one of them will interest you. Or maybe all!

The Bold New Breed podcast is for and about people on the edge. I had conversations with a wide range of people, all gig mindsetters in different ways. There are 16 episodes and bring a wide range of voices to the table.

Business publications and articles

Check out what I’ve written over the past few years. There are articles published in business sites and articles on this site based on Q&A after the webinar I did for MIT Sloan Management on internal politics and digital initiatives.


Inside Outsider

The name Inside Outsider is based on the fact that gig mindsetters are inside organizations but have the attitude and behavior of outsiders. Fresh eyes that see ways to bring about change.

You can read  The Inside Outsider here. If you’d like to subscribe, you can do so through the LinkedIn version here. LinkedIn is where you can see the conversations triggered by the newsletter and you can jump in and share your views! Please do so!


Bold New Breed on Substack

My second newsletter, published monthly, summarizes my on-going work and points to articles by others that I believe you will find relevant.

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