Foundational Framework

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The goal of the NetJMC Foundational Framework is to ensure that people understand that we are talking about the intersection of people, workplace and technology — that’s to say the organization in the digital age. It is not a conversation about technology.

The Foundational Framework brings human and organizational dimensions to digital conversations

The Foundational Framework, defined in 2013, brings the human dimension of transformation to the forefront and has been used by many organizations for triggering meaningful conversations and developing strategies.

The survey itself is used as a diagnostic tool by many participating organizations.

“The data confirms our intuition about several priority areas for our next phase.”

“It helps us get a realistic perspective on our case.”

“Decision-makers value this kind of data.”

More about the research

Why the framework

  • Enable management and practitioners to understand how people and organizational characteristics are critical, even important than technology, as we move deeper into the digital age.
  • Facilitate self-assessment of digital maturity from the internal perspective by underlining the fact that digital inside impacts digital outside. A digitally-savvy workforce is a pre-requisite for success in the business world today.
  • Provide a framework and food for thought when people are defining priorities and action areas within their organization.

This multidimensional foundational framework is based on nine dimensions which are then transposed to a 3-level maturity scale.  Organizations can self-assess their internal digital maturity by taking the digital workplace survey and receiving their Scorecard.

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