Gig mindset traits are not high on the list of hiring criteria


I’m looking at how talent is found and brought into organizations. The chart shows that #gigmindsetter skills are not yet at the top of the list, especially the ability to challenge status quo.

I was most disappointed by the low ranking of “the ability of the person to offer alternative opinions on key subjects, to challenge assumptions and to engage debate.”

This low rating corresponds to another question in the survey: “How free do people in your organization feel to provide input and challenge ideas, including business models and work practices?” 37% of organizations agreed or strongly agreed. Roughly the same proportion disagreed or strongly disagreed: 34%.

Resilience and long term survival of organizations depends on people feeling free to disagree, propose alternatives, and to think outside the box.

It is disappointing, but not surprising, to see that most organizations are far away from this type of work culture.

(The chart shows averages from 300 organizations.)

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