How human is your digital agenda?

…… Part of The Basics series. First published in September 2015 ……

This was the theme of the Executive Round Table organized last week in Munich by Roland Berger, The Harvard Business Review and the Peter Drucker Society Europe. It was an “appetizer” event for the Global Drucker Forum which takes place in Vienna on the each November.

I was the only “non company” person on the panel, which let me speak from a different perspective than the other participants. Here’s a digitized version of one of my flip chart sketches I used during my presentation.

My message was: “There’s a huge gap between digital deployment inside organizations and real impact on people and business. It comes down to mindset and work cultures.”

I adressed some of these issues in my blog post on the Harvard Business Review Digital: The Company Cultures that Help or Hinder Digital Transformation.

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