A Living Vision

living vision quote

The living vision means our vision is how we are living today, how we work and interact with people around us. I was inspired by Sonja Blignaut who recently wrote:

“What if we saw vision not as a determined end state we need to achieve, but as a co-created, evolving pattern we are living in that informs every decision and interaction in the now.”

For my recent keynote at IntranetReloaded in Berlin, I integrated Sonja’s phrase into examples of how we work together, and how work culture and practices shape our interactions. They signal how we perceive ourselves and others today.

You see below how rigid most organizations are. They tend towards centralized decision-making, individual rather than team work, and lack of freedom to experiment and take risks.

How invigorating it would be if organizations said: “Our living vision is based on trust, decentralization, teamwork and experimenting with new ideas. Today, not tomorrow. This is the way we are today, not the way we want to be in the workplace of tomorrow!”

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photo credit: william-bout, unsplash


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