Table of Contents – Digital Workplace Global Surveys 2013 to 2015


Tables of content for the 2015, 2014 and 2013 reports.

The Organization in the Digital Age (2015)

128 pages, published 2015

The Digital Workplace Framework

  • 2014 Scorecard Results
  • Capabilities: Individual
  • Capabilities: Business
  • Capabilities: Enterprise
  • Enablers: Process
  • Enablers: Structure
  • Enablers: Reach
  • Mindset: Leadership
  • Mindset: Culture
  • Mindset: Asset

Four Business Scenarios

  • The Learning Scenario
  • The Customer Scenario
  • The Agility Scenario
  • The Knowledge Scenario
  • Business Scenario Summary
  • Case: Tata Steel Europe – External Collaboration
  • Case: Ten Brinke Group – Finding and sharing purchasing information
  • Case: Imerys – Sharing Knowledge to Drive Continuous Improvement

A Culture of Trust

  • Sense of Purpose
  • Distributed Decision-making
  • Freedom to Experiment
  • Work Cultures and Digital Transformation
  • Case: Mercy Corps – Global Community of Change Makers

Alive and Vibrant Organization

  • Collaborative and Social
  • Finding People or Information
  • Mobile
  • Video
  • Socialized Performance Management
  • Design of the Physical Workplace
  • Case: Gemalto – Operations Excellence Awards
  • Case: Bosch – Community Management and Enterprise Transformation

Open and Informed

  • Extended Beyond the Organization
  • Informed People, Informed Organization
  • Open and Responsive
  • Customer Relations
  • Case: Société Générale – Celebrating 150 Years
  • Case: Médecins Sans Frontières – Living Up To Its Name

Leadership and Transformation

  • Senior Management
  • Chief Digital Officer
  • Community Manager
  • Change Agents and Activists
  • Impact of Leaders on Change
  • Case: Sanofi Pasteur – Experimenting with New Ways of Working
  • Case: The Guardian – Digital First and Cross Platform Strategy

Digital Workplace,  Strategic Asset

  • Business Goals and Strategy Drivers
  • Ownership and Reporting
  • Decision-Making
  • Information Management
  • Measuring and Evaluating
  • Investments
  • A Coordinated Ecosystem


The Digital Workplace in the Connected Organization (2014)

184 pages, published 2014, projection format: one idea per page


  • Digital Workplace and Scorecard
  • A Meaningful Definition
  • A New Way to Assess Your Digital Workplace
  • The Scorecard Transposed to a Maturity Scale
  • Early Adopters and the Majority
  • Pattern Variations in the Top Digital Workplaces
  • Digital Workplace Maturity: Averages by Industry
  • Nine Key Insights

Four Business Scenarios

  • Scenario 1: Empowerment of the Customer-Facing Workforce
  • Scenario 2: Learning in the Natural Flow of Work
  • Scenario 3: Organizational and Business Flexibility
  • Scenario 4: Retaining Knowledge and Know-How

Customer Focus

  • Business Functions and the Digital Workplace
  • Customer and Service Delivery Support
  • Interfacing and Collaborating with External People
  • Video for Business Purposes
  • Customer-Facing Workforce Enabled by the Digital Workplace
  • Customer-Facing: Ease of Getting Information

In Practice – Mini Cases

  • Arup – Networks and Social Learning
  • Minter Ellison – Social and Real-Time Business
  • Orange – Knowledge Management Key to Corporate Strategy
  • NRMA Motoring & Services – Customer Service and the Digital Workplace

Working Out Loud

  • Empowering People Today and 5 Years Ago
  • The Individual Voice: User-Generated Content
  • Internal Company “Tubes” – Video by People
  • Co-creating in the Natural Flow of Work
  • Reacting to Information and Ideas

In Practice – Mini Cases

  • Danish Refugee Council (DRC) – Innovation in Emergency Response
  • BASF SE – New Way of Working to Better Meet Business Goals
  • Unisys – Crowdsourced Glossary of Terms, Acronyms, and Concepts

New Organizational Design

  • Team and Community Spaces
  • Community Leaders Officially Established in Early Adopters
  • Enterprise Social Networks – Perspective over 6 Years
  • Enterprise Social Network Deployment
  • Low Level of Active Users Social Networks
  • Building Awareness Around Social Networking
  • Social Collaboration: Involvement of Stakeholders
  • Social Collaboration: Involvement of Top Management

In Practice – Mini Cases

  • Alcatel-Lucent – Social and Real Time, Flow of Work and Life
  • Utrecht University – Profile Pages Blend Hierarchy and Horizontal
  • Aegon – Enterprise Q&A to Share Knowledge
  • Air Liquide Group – Communities as Part of ‘Business as Usual’

Humanizing the Enterprise

  • Mobile Interest and Investment
  • BYOD Making Its Way in the Enterprise
  • Bring Your Own PC: BYOPC an Emerging Trend
  • Bring Your Own App: BYOA a New But Growing Trend
  • Mobile Services for the Workforce
  • Mobile Services Planned For Next 12 Months
  • Real-time communication common in Early Adopters
  • Local Languages in Global Organizations
  • Learning in the Natural Flow of Work
  • Impact of the Digital Workplace on Learning in the Flow
  • Scorecards for Learning in the Natural Flow of Work

In Practice – Mini Cases

  • PCL Constructors Inc. – Reaching Floor-Field, Sharing Knowledge
  • BT plc – Learning Through Communities
  • Jyske Bank A/S – Fast Replies Add to Personal Drive and Motivation
  • COWI – Project Sites – Virtual Water Cooler in a Global Company

The Smart, Agile Organization

  • Reaching Everyone, Including Floor-Field Workforce
  • Search, Neglected Part of the Digital Workplace
  • Search: Why So Much Dissatisfaction?
  • Search Strategies and Maintenance
  • Finding People and Expertise Through Rich Profiles
  • Scorecards for Two Aspects of Findability
  • Information Management Across the Organization
  • Use of the Digital Workplace by Communication, IT and HR
  • Employee Life Services Moving Online
  • Crowdsourcing Inside the Organization
  • Organizational and Business Flexibility
  • Flexibility Through Reach and Leadership
  • Retaining Knowledge and Know-How
  • Knowledge Retention: The People Factor Difference

In Practice – Mini Cases

  • Tata Steel Europe – Operational, Future-Leaning in Real Time
  • PwC US – Information Always at Your Fingertips
  • Mercy Corps – “Office in a Box” – Quick Response in a Crisis

The Mindset Impact

  • Enterprise Transformation Programs
  • Strategic Drivers for the Digital Workplace
  • Digital Workplace, a Strategic Asset
  • Top Management Support
  • Management Styles
  • Top Management Communication to the Workforce
  • Strategic Decision-Making: Internal and External Platforms
  • Strategic Decision-Making: Internal Digital Workplace
  • Management Levels Involved in Strategic Decisions
  • Functions Involved in Strategic Decisions
  • Organizational Cultures

In Practice – Mini Cases

  • Lexmark International, Inc. – Agility in a Fast-Changing World
  • Unisys – Communities, Cornerstone of Collaboration
  • Chubb Group of Insurance Companies – When Social is Business Critical

The New Workplace

  • Teleworking
  • Workplace Design for New Ways of Working
  • Challenges Beyond the Digital Workplace Itself
  • Concerns Impacting the Digital Workplace
  • Change Drivers
  • Change Drivers in Early Adopters and the Majority
  • Planning for the Future

In Practice – Mini Cases

  • Grégoire Charpe-Civatte – Interview: Gen Y Employee in an Industrial Enterprise
  • OFS brands – Workplace, the Body Language of Your Company

Scorecards per Industry

  • Chemicals, Construction and Engineering, Consumer and Retail, Education, Energy and Resources, Financial Services, Government and Public Services, Healthcare, Hospitality and Leisure, Humanitarian, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Professional Services, TMT: Technology-Media-Telecommunications

Digital Workplace Trends (2013)

167 pages, published 2013, projection format: with one idea per page


Transformation: Organizational Intelligence and Efficiency

  • Strategic goals
  • The “why” of the digital workplace
  • Integral part of enterprise transformation
  • Floor-field and desk-office, different emphases
  • Moving towards the digital workplace today
  • Early adopters defined

In Practice – Mini Cases

  • International Power – GDF SUEZ –  Digital workplace from vision to reality
  • Swisscom AG –  Getting the basics right in the digital workplace
  •  Alcatel-Lucent – The digital workplace, a way of working
  •  BASF SE – Senior sponsor and strategic alignment
  • Mobile 29

Mobile: Enabling People to Work from Anywhere

  • High rise in interest and investment in mobile
  • No predominant approach to mobile development
  • Effort focused on management and traveling workforce
  • Scope of mobile services limited
  • Business value from mobile
  • Security management is the top concern
  • Early adopters less concerned about cost issues

In Practice – Mini Case

  • Architect of the Capitol – Connecting with ‘onsite teleworkers’

Social collaboration: Empowering Individuals and Self-Managed Groups

  • A wide range of social collaborative capability deployed
  • Relatively low overall satisfaction with adoption
  • Adoption lagging especially for “disruptive” social capabilities
  • Boom in enterprise social networks
  • Enterprise social networks not yet thriving
  • Content creation and interaction not yet common
  • User-generated news & knowledge sharing
  • Reacting through commenting and rating
  • Multimedia sharing
  • Working in real time
  • Real time working widely adopted except for activity streams
  • Video-conferencing tried and true
  • Activity streams rare
  • Networking – a big leap forward
  • Co-creation of content increasing
  • Finding people and expertise not yet satisfactory
  • Connecting and creating communities not widely used
  • Internal crowdsourcing, ideation and open innovation are rare

In Practice – Mini Cases

  • Elsevier – Engagement, a business reason
  • Carl Zeiss AG – Commenting is first step towards social culture
  • Colacem – Finance Group – Wikis overcome resistance to sharing information
  • Sodexo – First “baby step” for global knowledge sharing
  • Wells Fargo – Put social where people do their work

Process: Governing and Integrating

  • Decision-making, policies and guidelines stalled overall
  • Increasing role of high-level stakeholders
  • Little integration of social into enterprise processes
  • Social integration improves processes

In Practice – Mini Cases

  • Scottish Enterprise – Online processes reduce errors
  • Danske Bank – Proactive information strategy saves time
  • Echo Entertainment Group – Self-service and collaboration for efficiency
  • COWI – Global project sites enable a global organization

Platform Experience: Coherence, Availability and Security

  • Digital workplace components, traditional and new
  • Highly collaborative digital workplaces for early adopters
  • Platform and user experience fragmentation
  • The cloud
  • Relevance of the cloud varies by sector
  • Security and data safety, top concerns
  • Systems in the cloud, social leading
  • Early adopters early in the cloud
  • Main benefits around cost and flexibility 104
  • Major concern is security and data safety
  • Security risks limit the digital workplace
  • Benefits from dealing with security risks
  • Customer information primary concern
  • Mixed interpretations of security-related concerns
  • Investment 111

Investment Priorities, Indicators, Value

  • Budget management
  • Central control predominant budget approach
  • Central control greater in early adopters
  • Training and change management lowest budget item
  • Budgeting issues entwined with ownership issues
  • Investment priorities
  • Mobile an investment priority for 2013-2014
  • Different priorities for early adopters
  • Indicators
  • Level of activity a measure of success

In Practice – Mini Cases

  • RSPB – If money’s tight, get the basics right
  • Alstom – Invest in change
  • Grundfos HoldingA/S – How is your digital workplace actually doing?
  • University of Auckland, New Zealand – Big value from simple metrics
  • Van Marcke Group – Social inside increases business reactivity
  • OFS Brands – Online engagement brings strong sales
  • Fortune 500 global technology company – Digital workforce has better performance

Change – Leading not Managing

  • Trust and knowledge sharing strong in early adopters
  • Organizational openness greater in early adopters
  • Concerns about value of social collaboration
  • Management resistance to social collaboration
  • Resistance to social collaboration from different functions
  • Dealing with resistance to social collaboration
  • Champions key to success
  • Peer behavior is strongest change driver
  • Drivers differ with organizational social maturity
  • Community management essential role
  • Different interpretations of community management
  • Limited success in overcoming resistance
  • Time and external influence

In Practice – Mini Cases

  • U.S. Bank – Leverage different adoption stages
  • An international law firm – Organic growth is peer-driven
  • Pacific Gas and Electric Company – Encourage change in a practical  way
  • Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited – Encourage change in an organized way
  • UNICEF – Selling the ‘Digital Workplace’ via use cases
  • Unisys Corporation – Show business value at the employee level

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