The People Barometer


After much discussion, feedback from people around the world, and much thought on my part, the V2 of the #PeopleBarometer has been created.

Why the PeopleBarometer?

The barometer is intended to “give a reading” of the atmosphere in the organization by looking at visible signs of authority, interactions, relationships and behaviors.

The barometer looks only at people and behaviors. Technology is of course a major part of transformation, but it is deliberately ignored here. There are plenty of technology-oriented maturity charts, but few, if any, based purely on people.

Transformation is continual, starts from small steps, and in fact never stops.

Changes earlier readers will notice

  • We now have a concept of zones, which is a more neutral concept than in the versions 1 and 1.1 which went from medium to transformational impact. We cannot predict the future with reasonable certainty, especially as most organizations are not yet in Zone 3. That’s why the “beyond” zone has been extended on the horizontal axis.
  • The three areas are Leadership, Practices and Culture. (The earlier readers will see that Involvement has become Leadership.)

An earlier version of the barometer

Please continue to share your views and feedback

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