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About the research
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A multi-step global process



Step 1. Global Advisory Board

Whenever I do research, I start by creating a global Advisory Board. This ensures a diverse perspective on the topic.

See the members of the Gig Mindset Advisory Board

Step 2. Define Behaviors: Traditional vs. Gig

We defined eight behaviors with two extremes: traditional mindset versus gig mindset. They formed the foundation for the research.

You can see the framework here.

Step 3. Worldwide Participation

After defining the behaviors, I designed the survey questions which the Advisory Board reviewed and critiqued for me. The first phase of the research involved 297 people from around the world. A healthy balance between countries and continents.  Next time around, I want to get more from Latin America and Africa.

See the global participation here.

Step 4. Interviews

Following the data analysis, I conducted 31 hour-long interviews with people around the world in order to get deeper, qualitative, personal stories. 

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