The Gig Mindset Advantage


In my book I talk about an overlooked group of employees that share “the gig mindset”—a freelancer-style knack for improvisation, adaptability and innovation that offers a crucial key to the future. Found at all levels of the workforce but often stifled by managers, gig mindsetters are disruptors who upend business as usual and bridge gaps while achieving surprising outcomes and charting new directions.

I have included six case studies of early adopters to illustrate how this mindset is shaping business in diverse fields: science and technology, industrial energy, healthcare, financial services, agricultural commodity trading and legal services.

A wake up call

I have been told that my book is a wake-up call to managers and executives—and people write to me thanking me for writing the book!

Unlike many business books, I address the “How to” which is so necessary to turn ideas into actions.

Explore the book:

Chapter descriptions
What people are saying
Reader profiles and what to expect from the book
Stories from the future, case studies in the book
About the research
Gig mindset traits explored in the research
Checklists: questions to consider (pragmatic and strategic)

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